Art of Luck Bracelet

Good Health & Protection
Love & Friendship
Happiness & Strength
Peace & Security
Great Wealth
Weight Loss
Evil Eye Protection
Unexpected Miracles

Genuine gemstone bracelets with a lucky charm attached. Each gemstone and corresponding charm has a special meaning, which is explained in the card and will help you discover the Art of Luck.

    • Good Health & Protection - Amethyst beads may fill your life with good health, and this wing from your Guardian Angel can protect you from negativity and harm.
    • Happiness & Strength - Hematite may attract positive energy into your life, and this feather symbolizes the warrior within yourself who gives you the strength and courage to accomplish your desires.
    • Love & Friendship - Rose Quartz may attract love and friendship, and this heart reminds you that you must always give up your heart for love.
    • Peace & Security - Onyx may keep you safe from all evil doers, and this Peace sign can attract a lifetime of well-being.
    • Great Wealth  - Aventurine may bring good luck, prosperity and success, and the Lucky charm is a reminder to always count your blessings.
    • Evil Eye Protection - Tiger's Eye may ward off people's negative energy, and this Horseshoe charm will remind you how lucky you really are.
    • Unexpected Miracles - Agate may attract many Unexpected Miracles into your life, and with this Star Charm, if you work hard and are a good person, then everything you desire can come your way.
    • Weight Loss - Blue Sodalite may fill your life with joy and inner strength, and this Butterfly charm can help you transform into the person of your dreams!

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