Nirvana Crystals Suncatcher

Love & Friendship
Peace & Joy
Success & Wealth
Health & Protection
Good Luck
Miracle Catcher

Hanging Belgium crystals inspired by Italian design and created by European artisans. Every Belgium Crystal comes with a beautiful card that explores the meaning of each Crystal

Choose your Pendant:
  • Love & Friendship - This Crystal Heart can fill your life with romance, passion, great relationships, everlasting friendship and eternal love.
  • Peace & Joy - This beautiful Crystal Moon can fill your life with peace, joy, happiness and tranquility.
  • Success & Wealth - This Crystal Star can bring your great wealth, power, riches, success and the freedom to accomplish everything.
  • Health & Protection - This beautiful Crystal Obelisk can help bring you and your family good health and protection from negativity and harm.
  • Good Luck - This beautiful Octagon Crystal can bring you and your family an abundance of good luck and good fortune.
  • Happiness - This beautiful Diamond Crystal can bring you pure bliss, inner strength, optimism, positive energy and happiness in every moment.
  • Miracle Catcher - This white Sun Drop Crystal can bring you unexpected miracles, your dreams can become a reality and you and your family can be protected from evil and harm.





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